How To Turn Off Apps And Save Your Iphone Battery

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When I updated to the iPhone OS 4.0 I knew that it would allow me run apps even while I was using other apps. I thought it would be nice for the apps that send me push notifications to keep working all the time. So I updated the software and went on my merry little way. About a month ago I noticed my iPhone was running through battery life at an alarming rate. I knew something had to be up because no one hadnt been using my phone much and thats usually my guaranteed battery drain. I deleted apps, cleared off my camera roll and the battery life did improve. A little.

On Saturday my friend was looking for something on my iPhone and he discovered that I had at least thirty apps running in the background. He said something to the effect of dont you know how to turn off apps when you are done using them? I said yes, you just leave the app, tap the home screen button and be done with it. Well.apparently Ive been delusional because there are many apps that will continue to run even when youve left them. Which is fine if theyre apps that need to run but if you have a bunch that dont then your phone memory and battery life are going to suffer. There was my lightbulb moment of the week.

Perhaps Im the only one out there who didnt realize that I had so many apps working overtime for me. Here are the steps to truly shutting down an app just in case Im not the only one who didnt know how to do it.

* Tap the home button twice.

* At the bottom of the screen youll see a row app icons. These are the apps that are running. Slide your finger to move forward or backward through the apps. Chances are youll have more than the four that first show up.

* Touch one of the app icons and hold your finger on it until they all start wiggling. A small red circle will appear at the top left of the icon.

* Tap on the red circle and the app icon will disappear. The app is now no longer running in the background.

* When youre done shutting things down tap the home button and the apps will stop wiggling.

* Tap the home button again to return to your home screen.

* These steps will work even if you are currently using an app. In other words, you dont have to be on the home screen to bring up the row of running apps.

Now that I know how to manage them I can (hopefully) make better use of this feature. Go ahead, give it a try and see how many apps youve been running in the background!

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How To Turn Off Apps And Save Your Iphone Battery

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This article was published on 2010/11/10