The Business of iPhone App Development

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Today's must have gadget is of course the iPhone. If you are even moderately tech savvy you can use your iPhone for a vast variety of applications. These may relate to your job, leisure, entertainment and a host of other areas. Today there are about 350,000 apps already available and more are appearing everyday.

An iPhone is a device which combines the functions of a camera phone, a video iPod and an internet device into one unit. The demand for more and more iPhone apps are on the increase. You can take advantage of this growing market, and make money with iPhone apps. In fact outsourcing is largely practiced in developing iPhone apps. You can offer your skills for this purpose.

The mechanism of building iPhone apps

In order to understand the basics of how to make iPhone apps, you need to understand the basics of the system. IPhone apps are developed with the help of phone SDKs. These are also known as toolchains. A toolchain is a program which incorporates all the technologies required to develop an iPhone app. It consists of the following elements.

• The X code is the critical component. It is an integrated development environment (IDE) which performs many functions. It helps to create and manage the source files. It also runs your apps, tests them and helps to debug your apps.

• Interface builders are graphic designers which help to design and test user interfaces.

• You should use instruments to analyze the performance of your iPhone apps.

Types of apps

You can use the iPhone app builders like SDKs to develop apps relating to the following

• Business and enterprise
• Mobile
• Web
• Multimedia
• Gaming
• E-book
• Utility language
• Search tools
• Social networking
• Ecommerce
• And many more

IPhone apps and Windows

You can also develop iPhone apps on Windows. Certain toolchains like Winchain lets you write and build iPhone apps on windows. However most of them only work on jail broken phones. You should remember that Apple keeps updating their apps. So you also need to update the toolchains periodically.

Alternatively you can use a cross compiler toolchain like XMLVM. It helps you to write apps in a number of different languages and then convert them into a new language. While it is suitable for simple programs, it encounters difficulties in writing complex graphics.

Market your iPhone apps successfully

There are a vast number of apps in the market. So you need to develop something better in order to stand out in the crowd. If you really want to make money with iPhone apps you can follow these steps.

• You should analyze your ideas. Concentrate specially on its sales potential.

• Take care to protect your ideas with the help of intellectual property rights.

• Use effective marketing strategies to bring your apps to the attention of the consumers. Make the maximum use of twitter, facebook, blogs and other internet portals.

• Once you have launched your apps, upgrade it constantly. Use promotional literature; solicit opinion surveys of customers etc.

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The Business of iPhone App Development

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This article was published on 2011/07/01